Selecting an HOA Management partner is a difficult decision for
any community. The term alone has a reputation that precedes
itself. So how could we be any different?

Explore the PDS Difference, and we will change your mind
about HOA Management.


We pride ourselves on providing our HOA communities with
prompt and superior customer service and resources.

Visit our comprehensive Homeowners section to easily
manage the daily and monthly responsibilities of being a
homeowner in a PDS community.

PDS Turns 20!

Planned Development Services 20 Year AnniversaryIt’s hard to believe that 1995 – the year we said goodbye to everything from “Full House” to Operation Desert Storm, and hello to “Toy Story,” the World Trade Organization, and a little online bookseller called Amazon – was twenty years ago. But we’re ready to embrace the passage of time, because 1995 is also […]

5 Qualities Every HOA Community Manager Should Have

Planned Development Services | Community Manager QualitiesHOA Community management: the job may not be glamorous, but community managers just might be the unsung heroes of the real estate and property management worlds. Think about it – a good HOA community manager plays a huge part in the safety, comfort, living arrangements, and finances of large groups of people. If they’re not doing […]

Who Really Uses HOA Legislative Roundtables? Should I?

HOA Board LegislationWhew! That’s what you call getting down to business. Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, along with the Arizona legislature, recently jumped headfirst into what the Arizona Republic called a “whirlwind 81-day session” with a $9.1 billion budget. The result? More than 300 – yes, you’re reading that right – new laws on the books. Technically, they’ve […]