PDS has moved to our new corporate office at:
14100 N. 83rd Ave., Suite 200, Peoria, AZ 85381,
as of April 24, 2014. Phone numbers, email addresses and payment mailing address will remain the same.


Selecting an HOA Management partner is a difficult decision for
any community. The term alone has a reputation that precedes
itself. So how could we be any different?

Explore the PDS Difference, and we will change your mind
about HOA Management.


We pride ourselves on providing our HOA communities with
prompt and superior customer service and resources.

Visit our comprehensive Homeowners section to easily
manage the daily and monthly responsibilities of being a
homeowner in a PDS community.

Why all the Seal Coating?

Seal Coating in the HOAWhy do we keep spending so much HOA budget on seal coating? Just to make the HOA “look pretty?”   Some Phoenix Valley neighborhoods will be experiencing limited access to roads in the upcoming weeks due to routine seal coating. It’s a pain, right?! Why do we keep spending dollars seal coating so often? Just to make […]

Three Ways to Seek Legal Advice for HOAs

HOA's seeking legal advice | PhoenixWith all the nuances and potential complications of governing a homeowners association, it’s no surprise that boards may need to seek legal advice on occasion. But exactly where do you begin to seek legal advice for your homeowners association?   Your HOA management company can be a great place to start. With ample resources and […]

Preventing Theft and Fraud of HOA Funds

Prevent HOA Theft and Fraud | Phoenix HOA CompanyNOTICE: This article is important to the health of your HOA! As Board Members you have more than likely heard the term fiduciary duty more than you care to remember. However, fiduciary duty is of the utmost importance, especially as a Board Member.  As a fiduciary your obligation to the association is to act in […]