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HOA’s Best Resources for Water Conservation and Allotments

SustainableSure, April is known for taxes, but the Grand Canyon State also spends this month celebrating the most precious of resources with Arizona Water Awareness Month! Make sure your community stays smart, sustainable, and responsible with these water conservation and allotment resources: Arizona Water Awareness Month (waterawarenessmonth.com): The official website of this holiday is full […]

HOA 101: The In’s and Out’s of HOA Financials

HOA 101: The In's and Out's of HOA Financials and Audits“The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.” That statement, attributed to Albert Einstein, is widely thought to be true. But we find that the financials of a community (or homeowners) association – most of which are nonprofits – can be just as confounding as those pages upon pages of personal […]

What You Need To Know About HOA Insurance

What You Need To Know About HOA InsuranceYou’ve probably heard that there’s no such a thing as a stupid question, and that’s especially true in regards to HOA insurance. The only foolish move would be NOT to ask. Asking questions like, “Is our HOA covered?” or “What kind of insurance do we need?” are essential to ensuring that your HOA is fully […]