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HOA Spring Landscaping: It’s Not Just Trimming the Trees

HOA Spring LandscapingSpring is just around the corner. How’s your landscaping? Now is the best time to look at the “spring cleaning” matters in landscaping.   As a homeowner in an HOA, look around your property’s landscaping, then ask yourself……   Do your plants just need trimming maintenance? Arizona Municipal Water Association gives these easy tips for […]

3 Ways to Seek Legal Advice for the HOA

How the HOA Can Seek Legal AdviceWith all the nuances and potential complications of governing a homeowners association, it’s no surprise that boards may need to seek legal advice on occasion. How should the HOA Board seek legal advice for your homeowners association?   Your HOA management company can be a great place to start. With ample resources and experience in […]

The Importance of Ongoing HOA Board Education

Arizona HOA Board EducationServing on the board of your homeowners association is going to feel like a totally new and unique experience. Despite previous experience serving on any board, non-profit or for-profit, get ready for a new ride! An HOA (homeowners association or community association) is complex, diverse, and multi-faceted. It’s consistently changing as new state laws, new […]