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How To Handle the HOA Board Member That Doesn’t Show Up

feeling frustrated-........“I never got a trophy just for showing up!” proclaims a character in 2014’s “Lego Movie.” Many people roll their eyes at the idea of children receiving awards for mere attendance, but an HOA board dealing with a fellow member who doesn’t show up for meetings might gladly consider handing out attendance trophies if it […]

School’s Out Food Drive!

School's Out2When you give to St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance, you let thousands of people in need know that there is hope, because someone cares enough to take action. Planned Developments Services proudly supports this charity throughout the year, and this year we are jumping on to the “School’s Out Food Drive” to help make sure […]

3 Myths (and Truths!) About Parking Rules in the HOA

imagesThe Discovery Channel’s popular “MythBusters” television show became a hit for a reason, and it’s not just for the hosts’ fun-loving personalities and wacky antics. After watching the show, viewers can finally understand – and explain to their friends – why commonly believed pop culture lore is (or isn’t) true. Homeowner’s associations are no different […]