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Our HOA Accounting Advice for Self-Managed Communities

HOA Accounting Advice for Self Managed Communities“There’s no business like show business, but there are several businesses like accounting.” That’s talk show host pioneer David Letterman, who recently left his post at “Late Night,” joking about the oft-maligned work of accounting. And though he’s not the only comedian to make wisecracks about it, the truth is that accounting is a vitally […]

5 Ways to Ruin Your HOA Collections Process

5 Ways To Ruin HOA CollectionsManaging the collections process of your homeowners association can be a dicey undertaking when unpaid dues increase in frequency (or length of delinquency). However, if you self-manage your HOA collections, it’s especially important that the process is done, and done well. If there’s one thing that will make your homeowners angry, it’s the delinquent dues […]

Of Course My HOA Has Pool Rules…..Or Do They?

Does Your HOA have Pool Rules?As temperatures rise, kids say goodbye to school for a few months and you can be sure that your community’s pool will soon become a hoppin’ destination during the dog days of summer. With the increase in swimming visits around the corner, and National Drowning Prevention Month coming up in May, there has never been […]