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Arizona’s Monsoon Season: Preparing and Staying Safe

Arizona Monsoon Safety GuideArizona monsoons, part of a larger North American monsoon system, are caused by extreme summer temperatures which cause low pressure zones across the Southwest. Those zones draw moist ocean air up from the Gulf of Mexico and California which create the monsoon storms. Starting around July 15th and ending September 30th, the storms build each […]

Legal Fireworks in Arizona: A Quick Guide

Arizona Fireworks Safety Quick GuideHide your dogs (and have a safety talk with your kids) the summer fireworks season is here. From May 20 to July 6 fireworks may be purchased legally in Arizona. In the winter, you can buy fireworks from Dec. 10 to Jan. 3. They can be set off from June 24 to July 6 in […]

Great News for Dogs (and Kids) in Arizona

Good News for Dogs in ArizonaSchool is out and Valley temperatures are already up over the hundred mark. Ready or not, it’s time for another Phoenix summer. That’s fine news if your HOA has a pool (and maybe a splash pad for the kids), but it also brings with it increased danger of heat-related injuries – and worse. With that […]