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Best Practices for Passing an HOA Budget

Best Practices for Passing an HOA BudgetHas your 2017 HOA budget passed?   If not, what needs to happen to pass the budget? Does the HOA Board just need a consensus vote? Is it time to increase assessments?   First, check your governing documents. These describe the manner in which the HOA budget is adopted each year. In most associations, the […]

I Don’t Know My HOA Board. So What?

Arizona HOA BlogIf you are like any one of us, it’s tough to put down the smart phone or tablet after a long day of work. And it sure doesn’t take long to find any article, whether in mainstream media or self published bloggers, to discover the staggering statistics of how more and more we are disconnected […]

HOA Holiday Event Planning Guide

Planned Development Service HOA Holiday Event GuideThe holidays are here! How will you involve your HOA community in holiday festivities?    We know, we know – we JUST had Thanksgiving. The holidays are upon us, and in fact, our favorite stores are spilling with garland and tree trimmings already.   Like last year, and every year prior, the fervor for holiday planning […]