2015, March

HOA Noise Disturbance Guide

Got Noise? The HOA Noise Disturbance Blog You’ve Been Waiting For

 Got Noise? A Guide to Handling Noise Disturbances in the HOA The 2 a.m. blast of music coming from an adjacent home, the constant yapping coming from a neighbor’s adorable but excitable dog, the loud peacock (yes, we’ve had complaints of this before!), the click-clack of high heels on marble that comes from the upstairs […]

Smart Water for HOA Community

Why “Smart Water” Devices Are Best for Your HOA

  Today, more than ever, smart irrigation controllers – or “smart water devices” – are in high demand to maintain HOA landscapes as water conservation and saving money are the top concerns of homeowners and their associations. What do smart water devices do? They maintain watering schedules automatically to meet specific landscape needs. Simply stated, they […]