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How the HOA Board Uses Social Media

Facebook Vs. Nextdoor. Why Your HOA Board Needs to Know the Difference

Did you know that almost 50% of Americans don’t know the names of their neighbors? (Reference: CAI – July 2017 Newsletter) As an HOA management company, it’s our responsibility to support and encourage communication within the community association. We have always encouraged getting to know your neighbors. But like the rest of us, when we go […]

Arizona HOA Water Conservation

5 Free Activities for Arizona Water Conservation Fun

Unless you live under a rock, you know that water is a serious subject in Arizona. The availability and quality of our water supply is vital to our quality of life. This precious resource was recognized by Arizona’s Governor in 2008 with an Executive Order that designates April as Water Awareness Month. In our Arizona […]

15 Ways to Thank a Volunteer HOA Board Member

15 Ways To Thank a Volunteer Board Member, With Little (No) Budget

Volunteers who serve your board – or provide any other free service for the homeowners association – deserve thanks and gratitude for the invaluable role they play in the HOA. Trouble is, there’s often not an unlimited budget available to throw huge parties or special events. Fortunately, there are ways to thank volunteers that don’t […]

No One Wants To Talk About HOA Fees

Why No One Wants To Talk About HOA Fees

The dreaded topic…HOA Fees…. Board members have to determine them, enforce and collect them, and decide when to raise them (the undoubtedly unpopular decision). And homeowners generally don’t like paying them. A recent article by Joe Ducey on sites one of the biggest complaints of Phoenix Valley HOA residents is that homeowners don’t really know […]