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Arizona HOA Water Conservation Guide

Best Arizona HOA Resources for Water Conservation & Allotments

Sure, April is known for taxes, but the Grand Canyon State also spends this month celebrating the most precious of resources – WATER – with Arizona Water Awareness Month! Make sure your Arizona HOA community stays smart, sustainable, and responsible with these water conservation and allotment resources: Arizona Water Awareness Month ( The official website […]

PDS Blog | HOA Budgets

HOA Budgets – The Right Way (An Insiders Guide)

It’s that time again. BUDGETS. Arizona HOA Management Company, Planned Development Services, starts the upcoming year budgets, in August (of the preceding year). Planned Development Services works in tandem with our Arizona HOA boards on their upcoming budgets. Here’s an inside look at the steps we follow, so you can prepare your HOA and understand […]

3 Myths (and Truths!) About Parking Rules in the HOA

The Discovery Channel’s popular “MythBusters” television show became a hit for a reason, and it’s not just for the hosts’ fun-loving personalities and wacky antics. After watching the show, viewers can finally understand – and explain to their friends – why commonly believed pop culture lore is (or isn’t) true. Homeowner’s associations are no different […]

Who fixes that? CC&R's for HOA's

Who’s Fixing That? A Common HOA Question, Answered!

Who is responsible for what in my HOA?  What is an “exclusive” area? It’s an important question often asked by homeowners, and the answer is more complicated than you may think. Generally, the association is responsible for repairing common, or shared, elements. The homeowners are responsible for maintaining their own homes. But, there are two […]