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Temporary Residents or Snowbirds in the HOA

Questions about Snowbird Rules in the HOA, Answered

Arizona is known for being a warm getaway for snowbirds that want to escape the freezing temperatures that much of the United States experiences in winter. “New” neighbors are moving back into their community associations every day since fall has commenced. As a result, it’s not uncommon for residents in Arizona HOA communities to have […]

Arizona HOA Water Conservation

5 Free Activities for Arizona Water Conservation Fun

Unless you live under a rock, you know that water is a serious subject in Arizona. The availability and quality of our water supply is vital to our quality of life. This precious resource was recognized by Arizona’s Governor in 2008 with an Executive Order that designates April as Water Awareness Month. In our Arizona […]

HOA 101: The In's and Out's of HOA Financials and Audits

HOA 101: The In’s and Out’s of HOA Financials

“The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.” That statement, attributed to Albert Einstein, is widely thought to be true. But we find that the financials of a community (or homeowners) association – most of which are nonprofits – can be just as confounding as those pages upon pages of personal […]

Why No One Wants To Talk About HOA Fees

Why No One Wants To Talk About HOA Fees

The dreaded topic…HOA Fees…. Board members have to determine them, enforce and collect them, and decide when to raise them (the undoubtedly unpopular decision). And homeowners generally don’t like paying them. A recent article by Joe Ducey on abc15.com sites one of the biggest complaints of Valley HOA residents is that residents don’t really know where […]

HOA Board Legislation

Who Really Uses HOA Legislative Roundtables? Should I?

Whew! That’s what you call getting down to business. Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, along with the Arizona legislature, recently jumped headfirst into what the Arizona Republic called a “whirlwind 81-day session” with a $9.1 billion budget. The result? More than 300 – yes, you’re reading that right – new laws on the books. Technically, they’ve […]

HOA Accounting Advice for Self Managed Communities

Our HOA Accounting Advice for Self-Managed Communities

“There’s no business like show business, but there are several businesses like accounting.” That’s talk show host pioneer David Letterman, who recently left his post at “Late Night,” joking about the oft-maligned work of accounting. And though he’s not the only comedian to make wisecracks about it, the truth is that accounting is a vitally […]

HOA's seeking legal advice | Phoenix

Three Ways to Seek Legal Advice for HOAs

With all the nuances and potential complications of governing a homeowners association, it’s no surprise that boards may need to seek legal advice on occasion. But exactly where do you begin to seek legal advice for your homeowners association?   Your HOA management company can be a great place to start. With ample resources and […]

Problem Solving in your HOA | Planned Development Services

The Single Best Tactic for HOA Problem Solving. Here It Is:

In a scene from the movie “Office Space,” software company Initech brings in hilarious, generic consultants (“the Bobs”) to help soften the blow of corporate outsourcing and layoffs, and sends out an ominous corporate memo in advance. “You have to interview with this consultant,” worker bee Tom Smykowski warns his buddies, Peter, Michael, and Samir. […]

HOA Board Elections

When HOA Board Elections Send You Running for Cover

Sometimes we glamorize rogues, from James Dean’s iconic 1950s turn in “Rebel Without a Cause” to Judas Priest’s 1980s metal anthem, “Breaking the Law.” But throwing caution to the wind – and rules out the window – is something better left to the entertainment industry. In a homeowners association, especially something as potentially complicated and […]