HOA Questions

To add a property management company to your account and have notices mailed to them, please fill out and submit our a Property Manager Update form. A copy of a signed contract agreement between the homeowner and the property management company is also required.
It is a common problem amongst HOA’s – barking dogs. There are many reasons why a dog barks, and we suggest trying some proactive approaches first in our 10 Tips to Stop Barking Dogs blog post. If those efforts are exhausted you should 1) Contact the dog owner. Discussing calmly with your neighbor can be the fastest and most effective way to handle the situation. If that doesn’t work, 2) Contact your HOA to intervene, as they may have a nuisance provision in its documents prohibiting consistent dog barking. If it does, the HOA can send a warning letter, notifying the owner of the problem. 3) Lastly, very extreme cases, or repeated problems with several attempts to mediate, owners and associations have called local animal control or the police.  We encourage you to read a more in-depth article on this situation here before taking the latter step.
You have many options to stay informed about our HOA Board education programs. You may subscribe to our newsletter, which is delivered to your email once a month and will include information to RSVP. We post trainings on our blog, The PDS Gateway, and we also post the trainings on our Facebook page. As always, you may also email your Community Manager for more information.
Yes, all exterior changes should be submitted for review and approval prior to beginning any work. To be better safe than sorry, complete and submit an architectural request to start the approval process.
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