Community Architectural Requests

Architectural Request

The purpose of an HOA architectural request is solely to maintain the property values within the HOA community. Many Arizona HOA’s have an “Architectural Control Committee” that reviews the architectural requests, and that committee is resolved in protecting the environmental and architectural integrity of the community in accordance with the provisions of the bylaws and CC&R’s.

Most Arizona HOA CC&R’s will state no building, structure or improvement of any character shall be erected, placed, added to or altered on any lot until the building plans, specifications, and a site plan showing the location of the proposed structure or structures have been submitted to and approved by the Architectural Control Committee.

Generally Speaking, as per the covenants, all association members must submit an architectural request for the Architectural Review Committee approval prior to making any changes to the outside appearance of their property.

Why all the fuss? Your HOA has a responsibility to be in compliant with the restrictions as to use, quality of workmanship and material, nature of materials, harmony of external design and colors with existing and proposed structures, and location of improvements with respect to topography, finished grade elevation, lot boundary lines and building lines.

So what types of architectural requests should HOA residents submit?

  • Swimming pools or outdoor spas
  • Landscaping or turf
  • Outdoor buildings or structures including patio covers, sheds, and play structures
  • Lot and perimeter fences and walls,
  • Antennas, solar panels
  • Exterior painting, stucco, garage doors, or exterior doors

It is always best to submit a request rather than not, and then be sorry later on. Lookup your community website to find your communities architectural request form. If you are unable to find the form, contact your community manager.