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Temporary Residents or Snowbirds in the HOA

Questions about Snowbird Rules in the HOA, Answered

Arizona is known for being a warm getaway for snowbirds that want to escape the freezing temperatures that much of the United States experiences in winter. “New” neighbors are moving back into their community associations every day since fall has commenced. As a result, it’s not uncommon for residents in Arizona HOA communities to have […]

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How Well Did You Communicate The HOA Rule?

Every HOA has rules. Every HOA Board has to create rules, and get compliance from community members. Seems easy, right? Usually never. Why? Because communication falls through or falls flat. Hopefully, when HOA rules are written they are not overly intrusive to begin with. But, more importantly they are clearly communicated. When the rule is […]

HOA 101: The In's and Out's of HOA Financials and Audits

HOA 101: The In’s and Out’s of HOA Financials

“The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.” That statement, attributed to Albert Einstein, is widely thought to be true. But we find that the financials of a community (or homeowners) association – most of which are nonprofits – can be just as confounding as those pages upon pages of personal […]

Homeowner Rights in the HOA | A PDS Blog

Harmony and Balance, Rights and Responsibilities – in the HOA

Hot and cold, work and play, sour and sweet – most things in life work better in harmony and balance. It’s no different for members of a homeowners association: community is simply more enjoyable for everyone when homeowners embrace their rights and responsibilities with equal vigor. First, some responsibilities for homeowners: Maintain your property according […]

HOA Noise Disturbance Guide

Got Noise? The HOA Noise Disturbance Blog You’ve Been Waiting For

 Got Noise? A Guide to Handling Noise Disturbances in the HOA The 2 a.m. blast of music coming from an adjacent home, the constant yapping coming from a neighbor’s adorable but excitable dog, the loud peacock (yes, we’ve had complaints of this before!), the click-clack of high heels on marble that comes from the upstairs […]