HOA Spring Landscaping: It’s Not Just Trimming the Trees

Spring is just around the corner – How’s your landscaping?

Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow on Groundhog’s Day, signaling a bit longer of a winter. Just because we have more time, doesn’t mean you should procrastinate on your landscaping. Now is the best time to look at the “spring cleaning” matters in landscaping.


Look around your yard, and then ask yourself……..


  • Do you meet the minimum plant requirements in your HOA? Do you need to add plants to bring your lot into compliance? If unsure, check with the Community Manager  for the approved plants and process to make changes needed. Your manager is there to help you! Take advantage before making unnecessary costly changes. Your HOA may have the tools you need already at your disposal.


  • Do your plants just need trimming maintenance? Arizona Municipal Water Association gives these easy tips for how to prune which plants, properly. They also have a handy maintenance schedule you can follow.


  • Have you applied appropriate chemicals for a weed-free yard this summer? NO ONE wants to pull weeds when it’s over 100 degrees. Consider visiting the local home improvement store for product recommendations, and ask for options, such as pre-emergents,  that are safe to use near children and pets!


Take the proper steps now to save you loads of work and money $$ on your landscaping!

How to Create a HOA Neighborhood Watch

5 (Easy) Steps to Create an HOA Neighborhood Block Watch

Ever wonder what happened to feeling like you are part of your HOA Community? How well do you know your neighbors? Wouldn’t it be nice to know that your neighbor had your back if you are out of town or in need some way? Be a solution to making this happen in your HOA. Here are 6 simple steps:

5 Steps to form a Neighborhood Block Watch Group

  • Talk with your neighbors to determine if they have interest
  • Ask two or three neighbors to assist you in becoming Co-Captains
  • Discuss neighborhood concerns
  • Advise that the Neighborhood Block Watch will NOT require frequent meetings or personal risk
  • Ask all neighbors to participate. Create a Facebook post and event on your community page, then get out and go out door to door!

6 Benefits to a Neighborhood Block Watch Group

  • Reduces the risk of being a crime victim
  • Community is better prepared to respond to suspicious activity
  • Increase information sharing on issues impacting HOA neighborhoods
  • Get to know your neighbors!
  • Reduces fear of crime in your neighborhood
  • Creates a forum that allows for other community issues to be addressed

It’s really that simple! The benefits far outweigh the risk of not having a Neighborhood Block Watch. Forming a group will consequently form lasting relationships with other members of your HOA! Tell us what you think. What benefits has your HOA experienced since developing a Neighborhood Block Watch Group?